1. Summer – The season of skin diseases

Hot sun creates conditions for fungi to grow on the skin, causing itching, small blisters in the groin, armpits, buttocks, and other areas of the skin that are itchy and itchy when sweating a lot.

Another note for young people is that if you are taking acne medication with the antibiotic group cycline for a long time, you may need to temporarily `sacrifice` interesting outdoor activities because the medication increases light sensitivity.

Vegetative photodermatitis: Women may find this long, difficult-to-remember phrase a bit strange.

If one fine morning, you jump out of bed because you discover red, burning patches of skin, the first thing you have to do is go to the dermatologist immediately because it is very likely that you have just been `unexpectedly attacked` by them.

The reason why you should `rush` like that is because the disease will progress quickly, quickly forming blisters, even causing pus, ulcers, and infection.

2. Too much fun leads to sunstroke and heatstroke

Sweating, red face, drowsiness, and even dizziness when playing outdoors in the summer are signs of heatstroke.

First aid skills for people with heatstroke should be repeated every summer: put the person with heatstroke in a cool place.

Effective rehydration at this time is oresol solution.

Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and drink water even when you’re not very thirsty to help your body cool itself.

4 health problems you should be careful of in the summer

3. Be careful with food

The sultry weather and hot sun make many fresh foods become `enemies` without even realizing it.

Taking medicine, rehydrating and eating foods that are easy to absorb but rich in nutrients will help you recover.

Uncomfortable summer temperatures also increase the risk of food allergies.

4. Be wary of sore throat and headache

The weather in Saigon in the dry season is often accompanied by sudden rain, which is extremely dreary and can easily cause illness for those who have to do a lot of traveling.