Today’s gym is not only for men, but also women have begun practicing this form of exercise as a beauty secret.

1. Careful preparation steps before and during the gym

Wearing makeup when going to the gym is not a wise choice if you want your skin to degrade without stopping.

Instead, keep your face as open and comfortable as possible with a little lipstick if you’re afraid of looking pale while exercising.

Whether you choose to exercise indoors or outdoors during the day, don’t forget to use sunscreen!

However, if you are in an area with a dry and humid climate, you can also apply moisturizing milk/gel (with a light texture) before applying sunscreen to create a barrier to protect your skin from sunburn.

In case you are suffering from acne, the best solution is to use a soothing and anti-inflammatory mineral spray for your skin before, during and after exercise.

2. Skin care after exercise

4 notes on skin care when exercising at the gym for women

If your sensitive skin becomes red and uncomfortable after working out, wash your face gently with a gentle cleanser so as not to further irritate your skin.

Then continue with a layer of mineral spray to cool the skin and a layer of moisturizer as usual.

While exercising, you don’t need to drink a lot of water and just take sips, but compensate your body afterward with electrolyte water, coconut water or lots of mineral water to regain lost energy.

3. Ingredients to avoid in cosmetics

Continuous physical activity also makes your skin `exercise` at the same time by metabolizing, sweating, and lubricating more, so not all structural ingredients can be put on your skin because

Ingredients like glycolic acid, retinoids and vitamin C are things you should avoid and only use moisturizer (if it has these ingredients) at night – when you are least active so your skin is protected.

Besides, you should not use products with thick textures, lotions, or foundations with high coverage while exercising, let your skin `breathe` as comfortably as possible.

Avoid infection

4 notes on skin care when exercising at the gym for women

Athlete’s foot, warts, and herpes can be transmitted at gyms.

Therefore, you need to pay special attention to washing your hands with standard disinfectant medical products and bathing your body thoroughly. You can apply lotion afterwards to protect the moisture on your skin after bathing, maintaining good health.

4. Clothes when going to practice

4 notes on skin care when exercising at the gym for women

You need to avoid wearing thick clothes that cause sweating. Prioritize light, airy, absorbent cotton clothes to avoid itchy rashes on your skin.

Exercise is very good for your health and your skin in many ways.

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