Summer is everyone’s suffering when everything is sultry, tiring and boring.

Effective cooling to keep the spirit cheerful

1. Memorize the circuit points

These pulse points worth remembering this Summer will be extremely useful to cool the body immediately.

Try many ways through this basic principle to take care of your skin in the hot summer.

2. Always hydrate properly

It’s really old, but ELLE still has to remind girls not to forget to hydrate themselves fully.

4 summer skin care tips to cool down

Drink enough water to keep your body healthy

3. Avoid outdoor activities during “peak” times

This summer, ELLE girls should try to rearrange their work and living habits to avoid having to go outdoors during peak times – the time with the highest temperature of the day as much as possible.

4 summer skin care tips to cool down

Avoid going out between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m

4. Use skin care products that help relieve heat

Oh yes, it’s time to shop!

4 summer skin care tips to cool down

M.A.C’s liquid powder contains 70% water to help cool the skin and provide clear makeup.

4 summer skin care tips to cool down

Vihcy’s newest spray sunscreen with SPF50 sun protection index

4 summer skin care tips to cool down

Clinique Wash-Away Cooling Facial Cleansing Gel

Laneige’s famous hydrating sleeping mask

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