Join ELLE and spend 15 minutes a day doing the 5 extremely effective belly fat reduction exercises below. You will feel unexpected results after only 2-3 weeks of persistent practice.


Start practicing to get beautiful abs like a lingerie model

For each exercise, try to do as many repetitions as possible within 30-60 seconds.

1. Thread the needle movement.

5 effective exercises to reduce belly fat

– The preparation position is similar to the Plank movement with both hands in line with both shoulders, legs closed and straight, tiptoes, trying to keep the body in a straight line from head to heels.

– Rotate your hips, lift and pull your right knee closer to your right elbow.

– Next, push your right leg back toward you, across your body and under your left leg.

– Finally, continue to pull the right leg, and the right knee closer to the right elbow.

Complete the movement once.

2. Swimming-style Plank movement

Continue the preparation position like Plank movement with both hands resting on the floor forming a 90 degree angle.

– Straighten your right arm, open your palm, then return to the starting position.

– Continue the same movement with the left hand

3. Cross-legged movement

5 effective exercises to reduce belly fat

This exercise to reduce belly fat not only helps slim the waist but also creates firmness for the muscle area below the navel area, which is harder to impact than other muscle groups.

– Lie on your back on the floor or exercise mat, arms stretched out with palms facing the ground and just below the hips for support.

– Raise your legs straight with your heels about 30 cm off the ground.

– Then, reverse the movement with the left toe above the right toe.

4. Side rotating Plank movement

5 effective exercises to reduce belly fat

– Take the Side Plank movement as the preparation position, legs straight, head and leg angle forming a straight line with the left hand forming a right angle, pointing the outer arm and hand to the right.

Keep your shoulders, hips and left arm intact.

– Switch sides when halfway through the exercise.

5. Russian hip rotation

5 effective exercises to reduce belly fat

This final exercise to reduce belly fat requires using 3-5kg dumbbells.

– Sit in a prepared sitting position with your knees bent and your legs crossed at the ankles.

– Drop your shoulders lower than your ears, and rotate your upper body and dumbbells to the right, with your hips remaining in the same position.

– Repeat the same movement and rotate to the left, keeping your legs elevated throughout the exercise.

Wishing you to quickly own a slim waist with 5 exercises to reduce upper belly fat!

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