Giving up bad habits is one of the important factors that create success in work and life.

1. Start with small goals

Often, before intending to improve bad habits, we often set big goals from the beginning.

5 tips to help eliminate bad habits

In fact, this is the wrong step, you will accidentally make changing yourself more difficult.

Set long-term milestones.

5 tips to help eliminate bad habits

2. Remember the benefits

Instead of constantly reminding yourself when to do this or that, etc., focus on the benefits or reasons that make you want to break the bad habit.

If you are someone who is often late for appointments, remember the consequences it has caused.


5 tips to help eliminate bad habits

The benefits that come from giving up bad habits are worth it.

Try to present the most practical and visible benefits of good habits.

3. Create barriers

5 tips to help eliminate bad habits

Barriers will make it more difficult for you to return to bad habits.

Exiting social networks, putting your phone on do not disturb mode, etc. will help you focus better when working instead of checking Facebook every few minutes.

Make obstacles as insurmountable as possible.

5 tips to help eliminate bad habits

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4. Rely on those around you

Don’t be afraid to share with friends and relatives about the difficulties you encounter when trying to eliminate bad habits.

5 tips to help eliminate bad habits

Your beloved mother will definitely happily call every morning to wake you up to go to work on time, or text you good night every night to keep you from staying up late.

Finding a friend to go on the same journey is also a very effective solution.

5. Don’t forget to reward yourself

5 tips to help eliminate bad habits

Every time you surpass a goal milestone, don’t forget to praise yourself.

Get up earlier today, buy a cup of coffee at your favorite store to start a new day with excitement, something you didn’t dare to do before because you `roasted` it too much in bed.

More simply, you can write your own compliments on notes and leave them in the most visible place.

Your task is to replace that piece of paper, with the same content but a different time.


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