Misconceptions about stress relief

1. Snack to relieve stress

Snacks are extremely diverse from cakes, snacks, nuts to fresh fruits.

The problem is that when we are stressed we tend to do what we like and often forget the mountain of knowledge about nutrition and stress.

2. No need to take supplements, I eat enough

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) studied the diets of more than 21,000 Americans and found that not a single person ate the minimum amount of all the nutrients needed by the body from their daily meals.

The most obvious verification is: The level of Vitamin E needed for the body is 30 IU per day.

3. Smoking reduces stress

If you ask 10 people, probably 9 smokers will answer that they smoke to stay alert, less stressed, more lucid, and easier to concentrate.

The truth is that Nicotine in cigarettes, if used in low doses, creates gentle euphoria, soothes hunger and reduces fatigue, but if used long-term, it will cause dependence and be toxic to the body.

4. Borrow wine to relieve sadness

A glass of high-quality wine can make your appetite delicious, stimulate the digestive system and prevent aging for women, but `borrowing wine to relieve sadness`, `finding forgetfulness in alcohol` or asking wine to `speak for you`

Alcohol gives us a temporary feeling of relaxation, but alcohol also `dulls` the senses and increases physiological stress, reduces memory, not to mention the problems that can arise while drinking too much, making you have headaches because of difficulty.

5. Drink coffee to stay awake

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), overuse of coffee will harm the nerves, causing restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and even lead to vomiting and stomach disorders.

Coffee is not an anti-stress drink as many people think.

6. Use sedatives to reduce stress

That is the result of research by professor Genevieve Belleville, Laval’s University of Psychology, Canada.

Many hypotheses have been put forward to explain the relationship between the use of sleeping pills and stress relievers and mortality rates.

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