A few suggestions below to help you effectively use belts with all types of outfits!

1. Types of pants

Everyday items such as t-shirts, shirts combined with popular jeans, trousers, and shorts, the outfit will become more eye-catching thanks to belts, a quick and easy choice for you.

To choose the right size belt, you need to pay attention to the style of the pants.

6 suggestions for effectively combining women's belts

The diverse mix of belt materials also makes the outfit more interesting

2. With jumpsuit

When wearing outfits such as jumpsuits, dresses, and overalls of one color or the same pattern, you can choose a contrasting color belt to create an interesting visual highlight, increasing the appeal of the outfit.

6 suggestions for effectively combining women's belts

When used skillfully, a women’s belt is not only a highlight but also cleverly shows off your slim waist.

3. With jacket

With clothes that have a sturdy, thick shape like a long coat or an oversize coat, you can use a waist band to create curves for your body, making the outfit more graceful and feminine.

6 suggestions for effectively combining women's belts

You can add personality to your kimono jacket with a belt at the waist

6 suggestions for effectively combining women's belts

Very simple, just add a belt, any rough, large jacket suddenly becomes much neater, softer and more sophisticated.

4. With a peplum top

A simple waistband will add an elegant and classic touch to a peplum-style shirt for the office while also flattering your figure better.

6 suggestions for effectively combining women's belts

The peplum top is designed to hug the waist and flare out at the bottom to perfectly conceal the bust. You can mix it with a pencil skirt or straight-leg pants.

5. With shirt skirt

Elegance, sophistication and a bit of classicism blend harmoniously to create a shirt dress.

This is also Taylor Swift’s familiar streetwear outfit, a shirt dress with a waistband that cleverly shows off her figure.

Those with a short or round figure should choose a small or medium belt, because a large belt separates the body, making it look shorter.

6.  With shoes and bags

Adding a small tip to help your overall outfit become sophisticated and harmonious is that the color of the belt should be the same color as accessories such as shoes and bags.

Not only have shoe pockets as a highlight, if possible, use a matching belt to make you more confident with your fashion style.

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