1. Choose patterns according to body shape

If your body is a bit skinny, don’t ignore dresses with large floral patterns and bright colors.

Large floral pattern for slim figure

Combining an oversized shirt with eye-catching patterns and colors makes the outfit extremely special and attracts all eyes.

6 ways to coordinate the most beautiful floral patterns

Be more stylish by combining a jacket with outstanding floral patterns

6 ways to coordinate the most beautiful floral patterns

Wearing a unique oversize floral jacket

On the contrary, the arrangement of small flower patterns in the form of vines, or small bunches along the body on a dark dress background is suitable for chubby girls.

6 ways to coordinate the most beautiful floral patterns

Floral patterns on dark fabric for chubby people

6 ways to coordinate the most beautiful floral patterns

The floral embroidered kimono is the highlight of the dark outfit

2. Choose similar colors

When you choose a floral print item, pay attention to the certain color similarity between the remaining items.

6 ways to coordinate the most beautiful floral patterns

IT girl Alexa Chung wears a black and white floral dress on the street

Blogger Aimee Song combines a floral midi skirt with a simple T-shirt

On sunny days like this, there’s nothing better for women than sleek, tight or flared dresses with patterns.

Vogue Japan’s fashion editor wears an elegant floral dress


Combine colorful floral clothes to help you stand out

Fashionista Gary Pepper combines a floral skirt with a striking colored jacket

3. Compensation principle

For visual balance, combine clothes with large patterns and small patterns.

Combine clothes with large patterns and small patterns

Stripes and flowers are also an interesting suggestion for you

Combining flowers and matching stripes creates visual balance

The oversized floral patterned dress is perfect to go with a shirt with a cute little polka dot floral pattern.

Personality with full blossom flowers

4. Use accessories to coordinate patterned clothes

Not only can patterned outfits help you attract attention, but even when you wear a monochrome outfit, floral accessories will also be a great assistant for you.

Floral handbags will bring a highlight to your outfit

Floral patterned shoes are also a suggestion for those who are passionate about mix & match

Wear simple colored outfits and choose a statement scarf as a highlight

5. Combine menswear style clothes

Don’t think that floral-patterned outfits are only for elegant, feminine girls.

Combine with leather skinny pants and a floral jacket

Floral jacket with minimalistic outfit inside

You look so cool when you combine a floral shirt with colorful shorts

6. Patterned suit

If you love to experience new ways to combine outfits and affirm your personality, choose suits designed on outstanding floral fabric.

You should choose a shirt that is simple and plain in color when combined with a patterned suit

A white or black shirt worn with a floral suit is always the safest choice

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