1. Choose appropriate clothing.

Tailored clothes that fit your body will help flatter your figure, making you look attractive.

Additional details on the outfit such as bows, lace edges, sparkles or lace and embroidered outfits also add a romantic, flirty feel.

Elegant and feminine outfits are always a great choice for every girl.

7 tips to create perfect femininity for a date

ELLE suggests you dresses that add sexiness and femininity: MOSCHINO, VICTORIA BECKHAM, DOLCE & GABBANA, MARNI, DION LEE (from left to right)

2. Choose simple but sophisticated jewelry

To create a feminine and graceful look, nothing is more effective than pretty little jewelry.

7 tips to create perfect femininity for a date

A slender necklace will enhance your elegant dress when going on a date.

7 tips to create perfect femininity for a date

Necklaces when wearing backless shirts

3. Perfume, perfume and perfume

7 tips to create perfect femininity for a date

Classic scents create unforgettable, seductive beauty

Every woman has her own scent, it can be cool, it can be floral, it can also be warm like a man’s scent.

4. High heels

Everything about you evokes a feminine feeling, from the dress to the jewelry, the pretty headband in your hair, but if you wear a pair of rugged shoes or Crocs, all your efforts to create a feminine image will go down the drain.

7 tips to create perfect femininity for a date

A pair of high heels will help you stay confident with every outfit.

Ballerina shoes also create an equally feminine look.

5. Hair is carefully cared for

You can try short, slightly curly hair, long wavy hair or a high bun with a braid.

Blow-dry, curl, wavy or smooth… take some time to take care of your hair, it will bring surprising results to you.

6. Sexy lingerie

For French women, nothing is more seductive than seductive lingerie styles, creating confidence in their comprehensive style from the inside out, and from the outside in.

Sexy lingerie

There are many lingerie options to suit your personality and body type.

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7. Pay attention to the details A little glitter to brighten your face, a small scarf on your handbag, French manicure or glitter on your nails, your hair in a braid or high with a bow, a

A headband is a feminine highlight.

A pretty little headband makes you more charming

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