Being overloaded with information, easily suffering from anxiety, finding it difficult to connect with real-life relationships… are some of the few things you can encounter when using social networks too much.

1. Be aware of your time spent using social networks

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The first step in making any change is to identify its source.

Identifying which apps you use the most, when and why you use them will make it easier for you to find ways to replace that habit.

For example, once you determine that you use your phone for 2 hours and 30 minutes a day, you can gradually cut back to 2 hours of usage next week.

9 habits to help you reduce time spent surfing social networks

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2. Optimize silent mode

Even if you try to work and focus on real life, notification sounds from applications will somehow attract your attention and reduce your concentration.

Therefore, turning off notifications or muting notifications from social networks will help you not be bothered by side stories.

3. Don’t check your phone when you wake up

Most of us grab our phones to check immediately after waking up.

Therefore, while people who do not use phones will get up to do personal hygiene and prepare personal plans in the morning, people who use phones will lie in bed longer than usual to see all the information.

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4. Turn off notifications

9 habits to help you reduce time spent surfing social networks

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Try to think and review the notifications that appear on your phone every day.

Most notifications from apps are really unnecessary and only distract you from what you’re doing to reach for your phone.

5. Do not use your phone while eating

You should not use your phone during mealtimes to avoid digestive system problems, as well as ensure the correct meal time.

6. Ask a friend for support

9 habits to help you reduce time spent surfing social networks

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Are you having trouble giving up bad habits?

7. Put your phone in another room

If you intentionally reduce the time you spend on social media but still keep your phone in sight, you may still unconsciously pick it up and check notifications from some apps.

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8. Rearrange the location of social networking applications on your phone

9 habits to help you reduce time spent surfing social networks

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We often tend to tap on apps in sight unconsciously.

To break this habit, try rearranging the social networking apps on your phone, so they’re on the last page.

9. Communicate more in person (or make a phone call)

You can reduce your dependence on social media by practicing in-person (or phone) communication.