However, that doesn’t mean your leather item will last forever if not properly preserved and cared for.


How to care for and preserve high-quality leather bags

1. Understand leather materials

The first way to preserve leather is to understand a few basic things about leather and the steps involved in making the leather of the bag or shoe you like.

Full grain leather is original, unprocessed leather that retains the natural rough grain.

Higher-end leathers include leather from animals other than livestock, and patent leather, the shine of which is created by oils and tree resins.

A guide to preserving high-end leather goods

Hermès crocodile leather handbag

All Hermès crocodile leather bags are made from the belly skin of the Porosus saltwater crocodile – one of the animals with the highest economic value today.

2. How to clean leather at home

– The first and simplest thing you can do is to buy solutions specifically for cleaning and maintaining skin.

– When buying leather products, don’t hesitate to consult the sales staff about preservation tips, cleaning methods, and ask them for advice on suitable leather cleaning products.

– For frequently used leather products, several times a week, take a soft dry cloth through your bag or use a shoe brush.

A guide to preserving high-end leather goods

3. Proper maintenance

–     Think of leather maintenance as you would moisturize leather, as leather tends to dry out over time.

–     With leather bags, you can use mink oil or neatsfool oil (neatfool oil) specialized for leather.

–     For leather shoes, experts suggest shoe polish made from beeswax mixed with sheep fat, which helps soften and protect shoes better.

–     Maintain your leather every month to keep it shiny.

A guide to preserving high-end leather goods

4. How to preserve leather goods against the weather

– Leather is a material that cannot be completely waterproof.

– Another way that is `easier` but less effective is to use a protective spray. The colorless spray will not affect the color of the bag/shoe.

A guide to preserving high-end leather goods

You can easily find specialized products to clean and polish shoes

5. Store leather items properly

–     You should store leather bags inside a dustbag (which always comes with a handbag when purchased at the store).

–     For shoes, you should invest in shoe shape holders, preferably ones made from cedar wood, which absorb moisture and unpleasant odors.

A guide to preserving high-end leather goods

If there is enough space, shoes should be stored in a box and kept in a cool enough room to prevent the leather from being damaged.

A few final tips on how to care for leather:

–     If your leather items accidentally get wet, let them dry naturally.

–     Always keep your feet dry before putting on your shoes

–     Use eyelets when you put on your shoes, this small action will help maintain their shape and prolong the life of your shoes.

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