In the photography world, what do you think when people say that Lukas is famous thanks to his photos of famous beauties?

(Laughs) To me, they are not famous people.

What specifically is the “problem” you mention here?

For photographers: There are many people who know how to take pictures, but very few people can talk to their models.

My formula is “50% makeup and hair, 20% lighting, 20% modeling and 10% me – Lukas”.

To beauties: never impose other people’s views of beauty on your appearance.

Who says long hair can’t be individual or unique?

It seems that from work to real life, Lukas has strict requirements on how to view women’s issues?

Is the “real life” you mentioned personal to Lukas?

In my own opinion: Men are often impressed by long, strong hair and a smile, but to go a long way with them, a girl must be confident and smart in considering the root cause of the problem.

I don’t like girls who speak loudly during disagreements because speaking loudly means you want to prove you’re right, are angry without gently finding the answer `why are we like that?`, (laughs

Can you give a small, fun example so people can more easily imagine what you just mentioned?

(Laughs) Simply like Lukas’s lover, he never jokes like `you’re not good`, `why do you hang out with those people`, because then I would be very angry.

Last question, can you share your plans for 2012?

I continue to improve my knowledge of photography and plan to open a bar to have a place to socialize with friends in the world.