Summer is the time when your skin is most vulnerable to sun damage, dry skin due to sitting in air conditioning, dehydrated skin, oily skin due to hot weather… and even makeup in the summer.

Why do you need to use mineral spray?

Mineral spray is a liquid cosmetic, containing many essential mineral ingredients that help increase skin moisture and limit the harmful effects of cosmetic chemicals.

Mineral spray is the savior for dehydrated skin in the dry winter or sunburn in the summer.

What are the outstanding uses of mineral spray?

1. Mineral spray awakens the skin

In the morning, just spraying mineral water on your skin is enough to wake up your skin after a long night.

2. Mineral spray is a basic skin care step

Mineral spray will help your skin absorb your day or night cream well.

3. Mineral spray makes your makeup look more amazing

Contrary to what people often think, mineral spray does not damage (smudge) makeup, but it also makes your makeup last longer. You can use it as a setting spray after applying makeup.

All you need to do is hold the mineral spray bottle 30cm away from your face and spray.

And finally, mineral spray makes the powder layer more opaque, not `musty` and showing off even if you apply too much makeup.


Beauty secret with mineral spray water

Popular types of mineral sprays

4. Mineral spray provides moisture to the skin

Beautiful skin requires proper moisture, which is why experts advise us to drink 1.5 liters of water every day.

Research shows that using mineral spray will provide 10 to 20% of the moisture needed for the skin, which you can spray anytime, anywhere very conveniently.

Girls with oily skin can absolutely use mineral spray like other skin types.

5. Cleanse the skin

After removing makeup, you should spray a little mineral on your skin because it will make your skin cleaner.

Beauty secret with mineral spray water

6. Soothe the skin

After waxing or going out in the sun, your skin will feel burning and tight. Using mineral spray will soothe these skin areas and you will feel significantly more comfortable.

You can choose mineral sprays for sensitive skin such as Avène, La Roche-Posay to provide a cooling effect without harming the skin.

7. Reduce symptoms after cosmetic treatments such as laser/needling

Currently in the world there are many beauty methods such as using lasers to treat skin problems (pitted scars, acne scars), skin peeling, and skin abrasion with the ultimate goal of rejuvenating the skin.

After a period of treatment with the rolling method, your skin may be slightly inflamed, swollen, painful, and have crusting, peeling, or even dry skin. Use mineral spray for sensitive and easily irritated skin.

With the above uses of mineral water spray, what are you waiting for to own a product right away?

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