What do you understand about the skin whitening mechanism?

Among a series of causes that cause skin to lose its bright white appearance, the main known cause is the impact of direct UV rays on the skin.

QD skin whitening biological complex

Skin-brightening biological complex is a new invention in beauty that helps enhance brightening effectiveness.

Causes of dark skin in summer

Long-lasting smooth and bright skin care

QD is the abbreviation of Quasi-Drug which means Cosmetic Medicine.

To achieve cosmetic pharmaceutical quality, the quality measurement department will be based on ingredients, effectiveness, safety and they will control the product claims conveyed to customers.

Long-lasting smooth and bright skin care in the summer

Summer is the hottest weather season of the year, especially the weather in Northern Vietnam.

As an expert in the field of restoring beautiful skin, Estée Lauder has just launched Crescent White, a specialized brightening set that helps brighten skin and fade dark spots.

Causes of dark skin in summer

Prevents the cause of dark skin in summer

Recently, the Estee Lauder brand in collaboration with ELLE magazine organized the `Dream Skin` program and readers received the opportunity to experience the premium Crescent White `Skin Brightening` treatment worth 1,000,000 for free.

Causes of dark skin in summer

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