In early 2015, after the abdication of Designer Frida Giannini, Gucci appointed Alessandro Michele as its new Creative Director.

A hasty farewell

In the context of the entire high-end fashion industry suffering the consequences of the general economic situation: the ruble devaluation, Russian tourists are more cautious in buying high-end goods;

Designer Frida Giannini parted ways with Gucci in an unusually hasty manner, leaving the next person with a big problem: Having to increase Gucci’s sales sustainably while also satisfying customers who are trending `

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Decoding Alessandro Michele

In early 2015, Marco Bizzarri, the new President and CEO of Gucci, announced the name of the expected person to be designer Alessandro Michele, a member of the design team working under Frida from

A series of questions arise: Can Alessandro Michele satisfy Gucci’s big customers?

After all, Marco simply explained that he sees himself and Alessandro working together in `the new contemporary vision that the brand needs`.

Is it true that Marco Bizzarri, a man with an iron mind, is saying that he chose Alessandro Michele just because of… emotions?

Designer Alessandro Michele – Gucci's new emotion

Designer Alessandro Michele

Frida Giannini passed away hastily when the Fall – Winter 2015 men’s collection was still unfinished.

If creating the Fall-Winter 2015 men’s collection in just one week was a test, Alessandro Michele passed it excellently.

Alessandro still chooses an office in Rome, a city that `has something very special, of the 50s, of cinema.`

Designer Alessandro Michele – Gucci's new emotion

Alessandro Michele proves that his strength is not only in designing accessories and leather goods, but also in shaping fashion styles.

The collection also received many positive responses from retail corporations.

It’s too early to say Alessandro Michele will make lasting history for Gucci.

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