In those same ancient times, before the whole world had the social network Facebook, before the Vietnamese had street speakers and the Americans had labor unions, it was an obvious fact that humanity had women.

These trivial things seem to be fixed by default in the selfish notions of most men, the rest say nothing because they vaguely doubt women’s `functionality` in society.

I work as a newspaper writer, which is basically hard work, so I’m hesitant about getting married.

Men always have the mindset of taking care of everything in heaven and earth.

When I went to work, I encountered many conflicts and suddenly discovered that the more people involved in something, the easier it is to break down. Five people have ten opinions, many teachers, many ghosts, discussing and arguing, just agreeing on opinions at the drinking table takes up a lot of effort.

Last year, I followed the charity group `Flood Resistant House`, basically this group travels all over the country from flood areas to unsteady houses to help poor people.

Why do I give this example, because I find this social work very practical, it is soft and successful in the hands of modern independent women, it is worth pondering.


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