Collaborating with prominent universities specializing in training in professions related to art, design, fashion and architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, ELLE Beauty Magazine has organized a series of seminars between experts.

With the theme Fashion For Tomorrow – Fashion for the future, ELLE Fashion Road Trip will revolve around the transformation of Vietnamese fashion in particular and international fashion in general.

ELLE Fashion Journey 2018: Fashion journey through universities in Ho Chi Minh City
ELLE Fashion Journey 2018: Fashion journey through universities in Ho Chi Minh City

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ELLE Fashion Journey 2018: A poetic show

The rise of KOLs and changing business strategies of fashion brands

Opening the discussion at Hoa Sen University, Ms. Lien Chi mentioned that large corporations and fashion brands are changing their management and business methods to promote sales growth.

ELLE Fashion Journey 2018: Fashion journey through universities in Ho Chi Minh City

Ms. Thu Phuong – Human resources manager, fashion strategy consultant commented: `This is the time when fashion brands have the opportunity to develop in Vietnam.

ELLE Fashion Journey 2018: Fashion journey through universities in Ho Chi Minh City

According to Creative Director of ELLE Women’s Magazine, Mr. Dzung Yoko: “The development of digital media and KOLs have certain advantages.

ELLE Fashion Journey 2018: Fashion journey through universities in Ho Chi Minh City

Designer Tom Trandt expressed his own opinion: `Retail stores still play an important role due to the nature of brand image, sales policies and shopping experience.

E-commerce impact on sales and the future of sustainable fashion

At the discussion taking place at the University of Technology, Ms. Tran Ha My – a marketing expert, paid special attention to the role of e-commerce in revenue in fashion.

The investment value of e-commerce is higher than the cost of opening a store, the operating system must be more professional.

During the discussion, lecturer Chau My Khanh – Saigon University of Technology also expressed her views on future fashion.

I think sustainable fashion is an opportunity for young designers to develop.

The picture of sustainable fashion between digital flows and supply chains

Opening the discussion at Ton Duc Thang University, CEO of Thuy Nguyen Design House – Mr. Kien Nguyen commented that domestic designers have been very quick to update and grasp new trends in the world.

Stylist Bui Viet Ha shared: “Studying and working in the fashion industry for 7 years, I realize that online shopping is a lifestyle, not a trend.

Some stores have closed because they cannot bear the cost of online shopping.

When analyzing the difficulties in supplying raw materials for the fashion industry, Mr. Kien said that the biggest obstacle is the commercialization of the supply chain.

Stylist Bui Viet Ha highly appreciates fabric production technology in Vietnam, however, this process lacks serious investment.

Lecturer Nguyen Hong Khiem – Head of the Fashion Design Department at Ton Duc Thang University said that the issues mentioned by the guests have not yet been `realized` in Vietnam.

The role of communication in positioning and brand development

During the discussion at the University of Architecture, Marketing Director of ACFC Company – Ms. Quynh Tho shared that she is especially interested in the rise of mass media and the `See Now Buy Now` trend.

Faced with the growing role of media, brands all have their own direction to keep up with market changes.

Meanwhile, young designer Tom Trandt emphasized that the key to successful communication in the fashion field lies in transparency.

In parallel with social networks, Ms. Quynh Tho has high expectations for the development of websites and e-commerce.

For young people who are planning to start a business with sustainable fashion, designer Tom Trandt believes that in addition to background knowledge about fashion, you should accumulate more practical experience.

Not only does it provide a more realistic and general view of the changes in domestic and international fashion flows, the series of talks within the framework of ELLE Fashion Journey is also a bridge between students and experts in the field.

The final destination of the Road Trip series of events is to help students shorten the gap between dreams and reality, between creativity and business practicality in their careers.

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