You should consider buying `not skinny or 70s jeans` to keep up with new trends!

Skinny jeans and 70s jeans are no longer the top trends in street fashion.

RETRO JEANS includes many styles of jeans with the silhouette of 80s and 90s jeans, the most prominent being “Cropped Jeans” and “Mom Jeans”.


ELLE Style Calendar: Disruptive jeans (May 2-May 8)

Mom Jeans are a popular type of jeans in the 80s and 90s with a gritty rock (grunge, gothic) and tomboy style.

ELLE Style Calendar: Disruptive jeans (May 2-May 8)
ELLE Style Calendar: Disruptive jeans (May 2-May 8)


ELLE Style Calendar: Disruptive jeans (May 2-May 8)

Winona Ryder’s fashion style in the 90s still influences many fashionistas around the world.

ELLE Style Calendar: Disruptive jeans (May 2-May 8)

Cropped Jeans include more diverse shapes than Mom Jeans with smooth and flared legs.

Jeans with fringed hems are a hot trend.

The characteristic of Cropped jeans is that they are quite high above the ankle.

Fashion rotates and is always being improved.

They are not too picky about the wearer’s body shape as is often mistakenly believed.


Culottes jeans are suitable for many dressing styles.

Flared jeans with two hems are quite picky about height but very stylish.

Jeans with asymmetrically torn hems bring a nice highlight to the wearer’s outfit.

Retro jeans are easier to coordinate with outfits and accessories than you think.

ELLE reminds you that these alternative jeans styles, although they look good with a feminine style, will look best with a simple sporty style of no more than 3-pieces (not counting accessories).


Young people in Asian fashion capitals have enthusiastically promoted this type of jeans since Spring 2015.

Don’t hesitate to buy one (or two, or three,…) pairs of retro jeans because it will take a long time for them to go out of fashion.

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