In the recent startup movement, it is a fact that more men than women start businesses, especially this is very clear in the technology field.

This is clearly reflected in the career and professional choice process of women.

As someone who has worked in the technology field for many years, what barriers did you encounter during your first time working?

It has been nearly 17 years since I started working. In the process of choosing a major and going to work, I also encountered many difficulties.

Can you share more clearly about the existing gender inequalities, and is there any solution to eliminate or shorten that gap?

As mentioned above, in an environment that attracts many men, women need a lot more effort.

Please share about the activities you are participating in for the general development of the technology industry.

I am one of the representatives of VNITO, also known as Vietnam IT organization.

[ELLE Voice] Tran Thi Dieu Thuan: `To be recognized, women have to work many times harder`

In fact, there are many forums in general and technology forums in particular with the participation of many female speakers and for the female business community.

I highly appreciate and support these activities.

Where is the issue of gender inequality in the technology sector in Vietnam and the world?

The problem lies in perception and information.

Thank you for your exchanges!

Tran Thi Dieu Thuan – General Director of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science company Xoontec Vietnam

• After graduating with a major in software technology in Vietnam in 2003, she has worked in the technology field for nearly 17 years.

• In 2018, she started a business with Xoontec Vietnam in the technology field, specializing in AI – artificial intelligence software products and then developed more companies in the technology field such as Data Science and Data