Fomalia XR is a studio specializing in developing creative AR effects on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and also serves as a visual content producer for customers in many fields from

Hello Mr. Dong Ho, can you introduce a little about Fomalia XR and the AR projects that Fomalia XR has implemented?

Fomalia XR Studio has recently carried out many projects related to AR technology applied to media, art and fashion.

– AR fashion in the recent ARTTECH Fushion program Fomalia cooperated with UEH School of Technology and Design to display in the space to introduce works.

– Fomalia develops an AR effect that creates thousands of colorful, glowing butterflies in the artist’s new album launch exhibition room.

ELLE x Fomalia XR: Creating the future on the Vietnamese fashion catwalk
ELLE x Fomalia XR: Creating the future on the Vietnamese fashion catwalk

Fashion world

KHAAR – Taking a slow step in the world of fast fashion towards a sustainable future

At this year’s ELLE Fashion Show, he will collaborate with designer Ngo Hoang Kha to create AR virtual reality experiences with the designer’s special fashion collection exclusively for EFS2023.

To create an AR experience requires a broad understanding of many different creative design fields, both in terms of visual image creation and sound creation.

ELLE x Fomalia XR: Creating the future on the Vietnamese fashion catwalk

AR fashion to me is a new space, where fashion designers can use their imagination to use materials, patterns, and ideas that are completely impossible to implement in real life.

What technologies, software, and hardware have you and the Fomalia XR team used to create the most vivid and realistic AR experiences?

To create this AR experience, Fomalia XR Studio uses AR design tools from Meta Spark – A tool to help create augmented reality effects that can be used on network platforms.

How long does it take from coming up with an idea to completing the final product?

For this project, we had more than 1 month to come up with ideas and from the idea clearly shape what will appear first and what will appear later.

ELLE x Fomalia XR: Creating the future on the Vietnamese fashion catwalk

Can you tell us how viewers will experience AR effects on designer Ngo Hoang Kha’s collection?

The AR experience will be available on the day of the show, on each fashion design by designer Ngo Hoang Kha.

Thank you Mr. Dong Ho very much for your useful sharing.

Let’s look forward to the surprises that will appear on the catwalk of ELLE Fashion Show 2023 and update the latest information of the show at @ellevietnam’s media channels and website

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