Sudden fame, aura that covered beyond imagination and popularity came rushing like a whirlwind after the Harry Potter series, but Emma Watson calmly walked through it all, choosing the normal life of a university student.

Emma Watson had an excellent and impressive role in Noah.

Passing by the old glory

Success if it comes too early can be a double-edged sword, easily ruining the future of any young actor.

The halo that covered her from the age of 9 when she started participating in Harry Potter, and lasting until 12 years later, made Emma’s entire life and childhood completely different from her peers.

After the Harry Potter series lasting more than a decade, Emma has the conditions to continue on her artistic path, receive scripts and play any role she wants.

For Emma, the aura of fame is like a decorative lamp, having it is fine, not having it doesn’t affect the way she enjoys life.

Spectacular return

For all Harry Potter fans, the image of witch Hermione Granger through the performance of Emma Watson is irreplaceable.

The impression that Emma Watson created from Harry Potter is so strong, that according to common sense, 3 years is still too short for the ambition to create a new history.

Emma Watson: The star returns

Emma Watson plays Ila and Douglas Booth plays Shem in Noah

Noah is a very bold film project, bold because this is Darren Aronofsky’s first blockbuster but with the participation of all the names that made it big like Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly Ray Winstone, bold because

At the end of the movie, people were relieved when Noah brought to the top of the mountain the seeds of life for the new era.

Gifts ahead

In a little more than a month, Emma will officially graduate from Brown University.

Emma Watson: The star returns

Emma Watson appeared at the promotion of the movie Noah in the UK.

Many people mistakenly think that a girl like Emma has a lot of plans, for the next month, next year, the next 10 years, or even farther into the future, but she thinks that’s a redundant thing in life.

If someone deliberately asked about the most important plan that Emma is aiming for, she would answer like this: `The thing I want to do most next is attend my own graduation ceremony.

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