ELLE Shopping Fun Winter 2015 followers, what are you waiting for?

Classy experiences seem to have become a distinct and unmissable feature at Elle Shopping Fun.

–  Tailor tailoring with designers: Coming to Elle Shopping Fun, customers have somewhat felt the so-called “classy fashion” when they have access to top designers in Vietnam such as Vincent Doan, Hoang Tu,

–  What hairstyle is right for you: At the Justyle booth, customers can try on many wig models made from real hair with the latest trending styles.

– Your own makeup style: At the experience booth of Cezanne – Japan’s leading cosmetic brand, customers are directly advised by makeup artists on the makeup style that suits their face and expression.

Fashionable nail styling: The pearly hands of customers coming to Elle Shopping Fun have been carefully cared for and decorated in a trendy way when coming to Kelly Pang’s booth.

Learn about hair problems: Hair loss, thinning hair, weak hair or little hair are difficult problems that both women and men often encounter.

Experience the cuisine of modern lifestyle: Sushi – a traditional dish of Japanese cuisine, is becoming a familiar food of Vietnamese people.

– Your personal shopping assistant: Elle Shopping Fun offers a newer concept of luxury shopping, which is shopping with a personal assistant.

– Swimsuits for each body shape: The swimsuit experience booth of Lan Hanh swimsuit brand is a place to advise on which attractive and sexy swimsuit styles are suitable to enhance each customer’s body shape.

– Better understand bird’s nest products: To improve customers’ health, Song Yen’s experience booth advises customers on how to properly use bird’s nest to improve their quality of life.

Test and share body care services: Bodyline’s booth is where customers experience the feeling of comfort and relaxation with free hand massage, fat measurement, and body index analysis services, helping

To participate in the exciting experiences that ELLE Vietnam magazine collaborates with brands is very simple: you just need to log in to this link and click on the “REGISTER FOR EXPERIENCE” button at the services you want

The event takes place from 9AM – 10PM, December 5-6, 2015, at GEM Center – 08 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

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