Destiny of 12 zodiac animals

1. TY

This year for people born in the year of the Rat is much better than last year.

Because the Rat and the Goat have a harmful relationship, this year you will also encounter some unsatisfactory things, but you will easily overcome them thanks to the support of noble people.

This year, you will spend `a trickle` but your income will be like water.

Your health is not very good, you must pay attention to care and exercise regularly to prevent diseases.

You will have more friends, especially friends of the opposite sex, so pay attention to your behavior to avoid misunderstandings and jealousy.

2. OX

Among the ages of Thai Tue this year, the year of the Ox is the heaviest.

This year’s health aspect has many concerns.

Regarding love and relationships, this year you may have trouble with women.

3. DAN

Because this year has the star Tu Vi shining on them, people born in the year of the Tiger will have a lot of luck and all aspects of life will be favorable.

This year’s love aspect is especially good.

Career will develop at an average level, neither up nor down.

Health and other aspects are average.

4. CAT

Although Cat and Goat have a compatible relationship, this year you will still have to suffer the negative effects of an evil star.

This year’s work, although facing some initial obstacles, will generally have good results.

The appearance of the White Tiger star shows that you should pay attention to maintaining your health.

In terms of love, this year you may feel lonely and desolate.


This year is truly a lucky year for people born in the year of the Dragon.

In terms of work, you will meet many talented people and receive support from noble people to complete your work with high efficiency.

Average health and love, more luck than bad luck.

6. T

This year will be the year of movement for people born in the year of the Snake.

There are not many changes in work.

Love and health this year are also at an average level and quite flat.

7. NGO

This year, because there are stars compatible with Thai Tue, people born in the year of the Horse will have luck in all aspects of life.

Your health may have some problems but not too big.

Overall, you will have a peaceful and successful year of the Goat.


This year, the star Thai Tue can make your life encounter many obstacles.

If you are planning to have a baby, you should do it in 2015. A baby born in the year of the Goat will help ward off bad luck and strengthen the parent and chi.

Love and health are at an average level, without much fluctuation.


The two stars Hong Loan and Thai Duong will help people born in the year of the Monkey have a very good year in terms of love.

Because of the appearance of some relatively bad stars like Thien Khong, you should still be careful in business.

In short, before any money-related issues, you must consider carefully and ask for advice from men if you are forced to spend a large amount of money.

10. ROOT

The Year of the Rooster in 2015 will not be as lucky as last year because there are no good stars shining on it.

This year, you should regularly participate in charity activities and volunteer work to ward off bad luck.

In terms of health, you should do some light exercise to improve your physical strength.

Pay attention to the health of the elderly in the family, especially those of the same age as you who sleep in the West and Southeast of the house.

11. TUAT

Because your uterus violates Tai Sui, this year you easily feel frustrated, irritable, and accidentally hurt others.

This year you should not change jobs.

Love is average.

12. HOI

Despite the appearance of a few evil stars, this year is generally better than last year.

You will have a lot of luck at work, have opportunities for promotion and will be supported by noble people.

Because there is a star that governs the Five Demons palace, you must pay attention to health care and should not accept invitations to go away for long periods of time.

Relationships in general this year are also not good.

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