From `Flood-proof house` to `Flow, river`

Rekindling the project since 2009, after a heart-wrenching volunteer trip and haunted by the loss of the people in the flood-hit area of Quang Nam with his friends, Giang Pham was left with the thought of `doing something more practical to help the poor in the area.`

The difference in Giang’s way of doing things is that instead of mobilizing and calling for monetary contributions from benefactors based on his own relationships like most common volunteer activities, Giang writes as an anti-hero.

With humane, creative criteria and aiming for sustainable development, the places where flood-proof houses arrive are not simply a built house, but are accompanied by vitality, faith, and hope.

To date, more than 300 houses have been built in the flood areas of the four central and northern mountainous provinces, no house is the same, because each type of flood is different in each flood zone.

Thanks to creativity in mobilizing community resources, flood control houses are increasingly receiving the trust and cooperation of many individuals and groups, from businesses, youth groups, local authorities to people.

When the flood controller planned to return to the Mekong Delta, drought and salinity struck.

Happy colors

Giang Pham & his big dream of flood-proof housing for the community

Events that call for help from home to fight floods are always filled with smiles, bustling with color, and have something very artistic, from invitation tickets to program posters.

Just like Giang, he is always cheerful, light-hearted, mischievous and… dreamy.

She shares, “The important conditions needed for creativity are curiosity and devotion to passions.

People in society must help each other

It is the passion and desire to do `something` for the community simply because `seeing that I have the ability and experience` that makes that small figure always full of positive energy.

Having worked as a volunteer for many international projects in Vietnam, Giang told me a very good idea: “I don’t believe foreigners can help at all for Vietnamese people.

People in society must join hands to help each other.

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