I participate in three groups: XanhShop.com – an online food store, also known as a social and ecological organization;

What was the fate that made you meet and decide to stick with these groups?

XanhShop is where I have devoted a lot of effort for the past 10 years.

The CCMMCR group has been around for more than 5 years since we translated and published the book of the same name.

During the time of building XanhShop, I met many young people who were emotionally hurt.

During a trip to Costa Rica, I met Ms. Maris Estela Fernandez (president of SIFAIS Center for Social Integration) – who experienced and showed that each person only needs to spend three hours a week to volunteer for a `social integration center`.

How do you connect diverse groups together?

Although the groups have different activities, they all focus on healing the land (practicing natural agriculture) and healing the human heart (practicing emotional education).

It is known that these groups all have female key members.

Actually, when working in groups, gender is not an issue but there needs to be a common vision and values.

Hang Mai: Sharing the same vision & values ​​will make it easier to work together

Ms. Hang Mai with teachers and students of Tinh Truc Gia and volunteers at the exhibition `The Story of Hands` (2017).

Each group has its own activities that are held irregularly. How to maintain connection, empathy, understanding and sharing even though we are always far apart?

Connections are maintained based on three factors: first is vision and values, as mentioned above;

If activities are maintained based on a common goal and ideal, when the belief of one (few) members in that goal or ideal is shaken, what will you do?

We often give each other space and time so that each person can express their feelings and be listened to.

In groups or communities, especially for women, is individual voice important and what role does it play in building that community?

The right to speak is very important, but if it is not listened to, it is meaningless.

1. Listen but still limit yourself by prejudices, perceptions, and past experiences.

2. Listen openly, without bias, receive new perspectives, new perceptions, new information (openminded).

3. Listen sincerely.

4. Listening goes beyond the limited perspective of each individual, towards things greater than oneself (generative listening).

Hang Mai: Sharing the same vision & values ​​will make it easier to work together

Sharing circle at the exhibition `Happy Days` (2019).

In your opinion, what brings women together and how can they create strength when they work together?

Vision and values, self-needs, peer circles are the things that unite people, both men and women.

In the future, will you continue to be active in these groups?

The elders still teach that `grass cannot grow under an old tree`.

Thank you for your time with ELLE.