The color of the skin under the eyes is a combination of the color of blood vessels, pigment, skin thickness and fluid accumulated in this sensitive area.

Factors that lead to dark eye circles

Dark eye circles are caused by dark skin pigmentation and dilated blood vessels.

Why do dark eye circles appear?

However, it cannot be ruled out that it is due to genetics and aging.

Aging of the skin under the eyes occurs in layers.

How to remove dark eye circles?

Aging is the cause of dark eye circles.

Finally, rubbing your eyes can also cause wrinkles and dark circles to appear.

How to remove dark eye circles?

Don’t rub your eyes because this action will damage the delicate skin.

Ways to remove dark eye circles

Using eye cream is the first solution women think of when they want to solve dark circles.

Dimethicone: an ingredient commonly found in skin and hair care products.

Peptites: help keep your skin firm and smooth.

Retinol: a derivative of vitamin A, retinols help prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming by promoting cell turnover in the skin.

Vitamin C and polyphenols: help reduce oxidative stress from polluted environments.

As mentioned, you should maintain a healthy and appropriate lifestyle, eliminate stress in addition to using special eye cream or modern cosmetic methods.