Lava stone in nature is formed from volcanic eruptions, mixed materials of soil and rock in the earth’s crust that melt, erupt and harden, called volcanic rock (lava stone).

Lava stone and products crafted by Nico Greeve and his friends fully utilize local raw materials, combined with the craftsmanship and techniques of workers who have mastered the methods of creating models, pouring molds,

It seemed like... ceramic

Create patterns using Lava stone material

It seemed like... ceramic

Nico Greeve with colorful interior and exterior decorative products, using lava stone material, with a handcrafted style but full of modern breath.

The unique highlight of Nico’s lava stone products, in addition to the diverse shaping style, lines and details shown on each highly handmade product surface, is also the application of bold contemporary colors.

Artificial Lava stone is easily crafted and applied in different environments and spaces, from household furniture such as tables and chairs, decorative lights, flower vases, to exterior and garden products…

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