After the phenomenon My Love From The Star, Jeon Ji Hyun’s name became even more loved, beyond the land of Kim Chi.

Until now, the press still favorably labels Jeon Ji Hyun as `the sassy girl` even though 14 years have passed since the My Sassy Girl phenomenon.

The huge shadow of an idol drama made Jeon Ji Hyun struggle for a long time.

The plot of the film Snow Flower Secret Pane unfolds slowly, melancholy and surrounded by the stuffiness of feudal Chinese social practices.

Jeon Ji Hyun's impressive roles

Jeon Ji Hyun and Li Bingbing in the movie `Secret Snow Flower`

Not stopping at roles that require pure inner expression, Jeon Ji Hyun also tried her hand at action films and achieved certain successes although it cannot be called too excellent.

Not too generous in choosing television works, but after a lot of consideration, Jeon Ji Hyun officially returned in Man from the Stars and this time it was a spectacular reappearance.

For Jeon Ji Hyun, being `lazy` in filming brought positive results.