In the fall, the forests in Jiuzhaigou will turn bright yellow and red.

If you see it for the first time, many people may suspect that the photos taken from Jiuzhaigou are not real.

Jiuzhaigou: Paradise of colors

Departure to paradise

From Vietnam, we took the bus to Huu Nghi border gate in Lang Son. This is an international bus trip. This side is handled by the Vietnamese bus company. After completing immigration procedures, the Chinese bus company takes charge.

Here, we checked in at the International Youth Hostel (hostel for international backpackers).

The first day was overwhelming

The next morning, we woke up very early, had breakfast at the inn and quickly went to the ticket gate to Jiuzhaigou area a few kilometers away.

The number of tourists coming to Jiuzhaigou on days like this when the leaves change color is very large (according to statistics, it can be up to 12 thousand people/day), so you have to arrive early, quickly buy tickets and board the flights.

Just 10 minutes after getting on the bus, the scenery on both sides began to change, leaving all visitors overwhelmed.

Jiuzhaigou: Paradise of colors

According to the map we brought, Jiuzhaigou has a Y shape with branches branching to two sides.

True to its name, the towering snow-capped mountain rises into the sky like a silver sword.

There are two types of roads in Jiuzhaigou area, the outside asphalt road for buses and the inside is a wooden road lined with metal mesh to prevent slipping for pedestrians.

Ngu Hoa Lake with its transparent blue-green water silhouettes the surrounding colorful trees. This is a valley located between two cliffs, so the afternoon sunlight is obscured very quickly, so before 5am you have to get on the bus.

In particular, along the way there are many waterfalls of all shapes, from the tall, powerful waterfall famous for the opening song of the movie Journey to the West to waterfalls of moderate height with soft flowing water.

Jiuzhaigou: Paradise of colors

Grass Lake in Jiuzhaigou

The lake here also comes in all shapes and colors.

Absorbed in the beautiful scenery, we soon saw that it was getting dark.

For entertainment in the evening, you can buy tickets to watch Tibetan music shows (prices range from 100 – 200 yuan, equivalent to 347,000 – 649,000 VND).

Jiuzhaigou: Paradise of colors
Jiuzhaigou: Paradise of colors