When it comes to exercises for health training and improving physique, it’s impossible not to mention Squat.

Benefits of Squat exercise

Increase flexibility and balance

The main support point of the body in the Squat movement is the legs.

Helps the buttocks become round and round

Squat is the perfect exercise to have a round, attractive butt.

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Burn fat

Excess fat is the mortal enemy of women.

Burn calories

Squat exercise sequences strengthen the muscles, which means the calories in the body will also be burned.

Join H'hen Niê to discover the benefits of squat exercise for women

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

Get in shape quickly with high-intensity energy-burning exercises

Improve digestive system

Squat is a movement that combines standing and squatting.

Helps skin smooth and firm

Join H'hen Niê to discover the benefits of squat exercise for women

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In addition to its good health effects, Squat exercise is also beneficial for women’s beauty.

Note: Squat is a heavy exercise, so people with bone and joint problems need to consider before exercising.

Join Miss H’Hen Niê to discover how to do the basic Squat exercise through challenges from ELLE

Legs are wider than shoulder width apart, knees and feet facing outward

Keep your back straight, arms forward

Squeeze your abs, inhale deeply and slowly push your hips and buttocks back like a squat position.

Hold the pose for about 3 to 5 seconds

Exhale and stand back up to the starting position

Repeat the movement 15 to 20 times

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