“Let’s look down at a love story, just look silently without speaking, even if it hurts the heart, even if it hurts the heart” – Trinh Cong Son.

Musicians of all ages and generations, through songs that are both profound and earnest and filled with many emotions and feelings, have advised us that if we want to love, we must look deeply and without judgment;

Kindness in love is having moral love

Don’t love crazy, live quickly, break up quickly: Zen masters advise that when we love, we also need to practice meditation, which means loving slowly, understanding carefully, not being crazy, hasty, regardless of everything and then realizing the mistakes.

Do not have unreasonable expectations: because of some old beliefs, many parents often force their children to follow their careers or husbands and wives ask their partners to sacrifice for their personal development without

Do not use tactics, punish or act as a victim to your loved one: in communication between parents, children or lovers, there are times when both parties do not achieve their expectations, so do not get angry because of that.

Don’t identify love with commitment: Even though we love passionately, everyone needs freedom, needs to think, explore, and decide their own lives.

Don’t use money or beauty to bribe love like an exchange and then use your lover the way you want.

Kindness in love is ethical love?


Why are there forbidden love stories?

Kindness in love is also kindness?

Understand yourself and the people you love: Everyone needs to love themselves and control themselves before they can love and share with others.

Expressing love through sharing: Love is helping the loved one reduce suffering, by being present, being able to listen to the pain and suffering of the loved one, helping the loved one overcome difficulties and develop their dreams.

Able to give love: A person who has just been betrayed is incapable of love because he or she has completely collapsed and no longer has enough positive energy to exchange love.

Changing yourself to make your loved one less miserable: `Or look down on your life to look at a love relationship` means that when you love, there are times when we have to sacrifice, participate, commit, sometimes have to lower our ego to raise our self.

Overcoming self-love: Loving and respecting yourself is different from self-love.

After all, kindness is expressed through kindness and morality in the love you have for the people you love such as parents, children, lovers, spouses, relationships can lead to happiness or not.

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