Men’s psychology when becoming a father

In Western movies, after being married for a long time, one day they suddenly said to each other, `Should we have children?`.

Then I’m happy because the other person… also thinks the same as me.

When his wife was first pregnant, his friends kept talking like there was going to be a world war.

The bigger story is that the once chaotic men suddenly changed their mentality.

Those who love large displacement vehicles and swerve like water snakes are now satisfied with a `family car` that is as spacious as possible and often runs below the prescribed speed.

Guys who used to go online all day looking for pictures of `hot girls` are now just looking for experience in choosing milk and diapers.

A guy called in the middle of the night asking where to buy snail noodles because his wife had a craving.

Men who become fathers change their personalities terribly.

PS: Well, it seems like we’re free from time to time.

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