8 beauty secrets of Michelle Phan

Do you know how to use makeup to conceal flaws and look more radiant?

1 To make your eyes look less tired after a long flight or late nights, use a white eye pencil to brighten your eye sockets, draw in your lower eyelids and under your brow bone to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

2 For oily skin, don’t wash your face too many times and remember to use rose water to balance the pH of your skin.

3 Using a brush is the best way to get a thin, even, and smooth foundation.

Learn makeup with 8 beauty secrets from Michelle Phan

4 Concealer is an indispensable product to cover eye bags and dark circles, making the face more lively and radiant.

5 To create beautiful smoky eyes, the most important thing is to apply eyeshadow evenly with tones from dark to light.

6 Explore and utilize makeup products for many different purposes: pale nude eyeshadow with shimmer can be used to highlight the bridge of the nose and cheekbones.

Learn makeup with 8 beauty secrets from Michelle Phan

7 Cleaning and maintaining your makeup brushes is as important as cleaning your skin every day.

8 You can make your own tinted moisturizer by mixing your favorite moisturizer with a little liquid foundation.