“Northern summer has almost no night, only dim light that hesitates, slowly passing by.

Literary work – Novel `People on a Summer Night`

The novel is also known as a `series of narrative poems` with 48 essays of different lengths and short lengths by writer Frans Emil Sillanpää (1888 – 1964) along with previous works that won the first Nobel Prize in Literature.


Photo of sunset at 11pm in July and moonrise at 10pm in August in rural Finland

Summer, July in Finland, Europe’s northernmost country, has almost no nights, so it is often called white summer with white nights when the sun almost does not sleep and nature is depicted as picturesque.

The storyteller, telling different scenes with different tones from young to old, from rich to poor, from uneducated to educated, has both good and bad sides.


Literary work: `People on a Summer Night`


Many researchers believe that in The Man on a Summer Night, nature is the central character throughout the novel.

Literary works not only bring beautiful descriptions of scenes and vivid and authentic life stories, but also state extremely simple but profound philosophies: `In this world, everyone thinks at times.`


Literary work: `People on a Summer Night`

The book cover is printed in Finnish

Just one year after its birth, the literary work The Man on a Summer Night was translated and published in Sweden in 1935 and the next two years were translated and published in Estonia (1936), Denmark (1937), Na


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