I know her like you know her: as a celebrity.

A while ago, I was given a book by a brother from Hanoi who had just published Ha Anh’s book: `Living in a Man’s World`.


A warm gift from afar from a younger brother.

Holding the book in my hand, I was not in a hurry to read it, probably because I was too busy with work.

I read many of my own views in there: women’s views on men, on how to act like a woman so that men will want to have her.


Love guide: Living in a Man's World

Ha Anh’s second book: Living in a Man’s World

I am sure that you, like me, will encounter yourself somewhere in this book, or somewhere the meanings of life that have been dormant for a long time have now been awakened again.

“In life it’s as simple as this: nothing is free!

See, everything has its price: If you want to be rich, you have to work, if you want to be good, you have to study and practice, if you want to be slim, you have to work hard to eat scientifically, work hard to exercise, if you want to have a lover, then


Love guide: Living in a Man's World

The cover of the book is a very feminine pink color

Love guide: Living in a Man's World

Author portrait of Supermodel Ha Anh

This love guide `Living in a Man’s World`, in addition to love stories, also mentions the stories `Third Person`, `Men having an affair` and other definitions of Happiness.

This afternoon I confided a lot about my love life to a female colleague.

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