I would like to borrow a quote from the interview below with artist Hoang Phuong Vy as a topic when talking about modern Vietnamese painting.

90 years ago, on October 7, 1924, in Hanoi, Governor General of Indochina Martial Merlin signed a decree to establish the Indochina School of Fine Arts.

Vietnamese artists have adopted Western painting techniques, especially oil painting techniques, directly through French artists (Victor Tardieu and Joseph Inguimberty) as a universal means to build a new society.

Starting from the Vietnam-US cultural exchange, American artists and artists from other countries came to Vietnam to exhibit.

And in this issue, Elle Vietnam invites you to chat with artist Hoang Phuong Vy to better understand the career of a talented artist of the modern painting school.

Interview with the artist of modern Vietnamese painting – artist Hoang Phuong Vy

Hoang Phuong Vy – The artist walks on the sidelines of life

Hoang Phuong Vy is an artist passionate about oil painting and gouache painting.

As art critic Nguyen Hao Hai said: `Hoang Phuong Vy’s works are unique because of his creativity: strong, rough but still expressing the poetry of nature, thoughts

In that small house, the conversation continued like that, sometimes sharing their hearts, sometimes arguing fiercely, and sometimes calming down when talking about the profession, about life, and about the artist of this talented painter.

When did you come to this art of oil painting on canvas and canvas?

I graduated from the University of Architecture. I didn’t have a job after graduating so I went to work as a worker, but during that time, my love for art flared up.

Modern Vietnamese painting: charming and distinct

Phuong Vy’s works have a bit of a folk painting feel

Your unique style has made you successful right from the start with painting, is that true?

My works follow a distinct branch that has art critics calling me a typical painter of `naïveism`.

Recently participating in the painting exhibition Value of Life, I saw that his displayed works were associated with folk images on paper made from extremely unique fan blades.

Modern Vietnamese painting: charming and distinct

Painting works on Vietnamese paper fans

I paint many subjects, not just folk images.

So what do you usually draw?

Actually, I don’t care much about the subject, for me art covers the whole subject and the two interfere with each other.

The artist always has to learn, but the viewer also has to go along, they also have to learn.

Thank you and wish you a happy new year with much success in your career.