(Dan Tri) – US President Donald Trump suddenly publicly announced the identity of the person he said had exposed the content of the phone call between him and his Ukrainian counterpart and caused the White House owner to be impeached.

US President Donald Trump (Photo: AFP)

Since being denounced by an anonymous intelligence official, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly called on the media to reveal this person’s identity.

On December 26, he re-shared a link posted on his re-election campaign account that mentioned the identity of the suspected anonymous whistleblower.

The White House currently refuses to comment on these shared lines.

As for Twitter, this social media unit, said that mentioning names of this type does not violate their laws, only the act of sharing personal information of a specific person such as a phone number is considered a violation.

According to US law, the identity of the whistleblower must be kept confidential to ensure their safety.

US politics was shaken in September this year after an anonymous intelligence official submitted a complaint to the Department of Justice denouncing `disturbing` content in a phone call between President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky on

Mr. Trump has repeatedly affirmed that he did not commit any wrongdoing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently delaying the presentation of the article of impeachment to the Senate to pave the way for a presidential trial.

Minh PhuongAccording to AFP