From nail painters to psychologists

A nail technician’s working day lasts about 12 hours or more.

Many shapes and sizes

Unlike in Vietnam, manicure in America is a technology.

As more and more nail salons open, competition and price gouging become more fierce.

White customers do not like elaborate manicure and toenail designs and mainly only do French manicure.

Unlike white customers, girls of color like elaborate and colorful nail designs.

This beauty and uniqueness is sometimes very crazy.

Nail-gineer and engineer

Because the advantage of the nail profession is that it is easy to learn and easy to make money, many Vietnamese women when coming to America choose this path to support their families.

No longer cramped and stuffy small rooms, second-generation Vietnamese nail salons in the US are more spacious, cleaner, and have many new services: from spa to hair and massage services.

Nail profession in America

Nail art during the recession

The nail profession has been strongly affected by the economic recession and competition from other immigrant groups.

Story: Tuong Dao – Photos: Strauss/Curtis/Corbis

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