Power or femininity?

People say using perfume is an art.

Some large companies, especially financial companies, often encourage employees not to wear perfume when coming to the office.

Using what scent, on what day, on what occasion, requires a smart and discreet culture.

When choosing the right perfume for the office, there are three minimum things to consider:

1. Be aware of the working environment and weather

In a small office with just a few people, the scent will spread very differently than in a spacious and well-ventilated office.

Understanding the working environment, knowing whether colleagues in the company are allergic or sensitive to specific scents, and choosing a scent according to the weather is the first step to ensure the scent you use will be well received with 0%.

2. Understand the type of perfume you use

Parfum is the strongest, slightly lighter Eau de Parfum is often suitable for dinner parties, Eau de toilette with a concentration of only 4-10% is more suitable for closed offices and meetings with customers.

The heavy, sweet scents that fascinate the Far East with musk, pine, cinnamon and anise spices, or even sweet floral notes like Indian jasmine as the mainstay will last long and be strong, and will be less familiar to the majority.

3. Know about sillage

Sillage is considered `the art of using scent`, but the art is very different from spraying a few temporary sprays on the wrists and hairline.

Scent is like the essence of a woman: how to make the other person feel that essence, just enough to enjoy, just enough to desire, without drowning in a set of suffocating scents.

How about you?

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