At that time, the `face` of the bilateral relationship changed.

When `new people` appear, change knocks on your door, you should smile at it first, because life cannot remain unchanged.

Office story 1: When change knocks on the door

Nha is a design specialist at a foreign advertising company.

Everything seemed like it couldn’t get better, until the day Hoa returned to work.

The incident climaxed when both Nha and Hoa were assigned to design packaging for a new product group.

The occurrence of `new people` at work is not uncommon.

Office stories: When `new people` appear

Office story 2: Welcoming and optimistic

My friend Dieu Thu, a foreign affairs specialist, was disappointed for a while when her direct boss moved to a higher position, and was replaced by another female boss.

Tips for living

Managing & improving yourself at work: Easy or Difficult?

There is a clear fact that humans are the species with the worst ability to live alone.

Therefore, don’t be afraid or wary if one fine day, the person who opens the door to welcome you has a completely new face.

At this time, sharing, caring, and learning about each other are the most important, helping you become both confident in the eyes of your colleagues and an opportunity to discover the `object`.

Don’t forget to strengthen what you have.

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