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What are Organic cosmetics?

Organic cosmetics (organic cosmetics) are cosmetics with at least 70% of ingredients from agricultural sources certified according to organic standards set by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

However, organic certification is a relatively difficult process.

Homemade organic cosmetics


Organic cosmetics: Friendly to health and beauty

Coconut oil and honey with beauty benefits

In the past few years, coconut oil has been popular among young people for its effective hair care, nail care, and eyelash care uses.

Organic cosmetics are also known for their homemade natural masks, with ingredients that are easy to find and safe.

Some reputable Organic cosmetics on the market

Shea Terra Argan

Shea Terra’s story begins with avocado and shea trees originating in West Africa. The product has a good moisturizing effect, helps brighten the skin, contains organic ingredients, and impresses with eye-catching packaging.


Organic cosmetics: Friendly to health and beauty

Shea Terra camel milk lotion

Yves Rocher Body Lotion Organic

Yves Rocher’s organic body lotion creates a thin layer when applied to the skin but moisturizes well, absorbs quickly, does not require a long massage or waiting for drying, with a pleasant vanilla, olive, and oatmeal scent.


Organic cosmetics: Friendly to health and beauty

Yves Rocher body lotion

Grape Seed Oil Organic Shop

Organic Shop grape seed oil has excellent anti-oxidant, acne treatment, makeup remover, astringent effects, suitable for sensitive skin, the product can be used to nourish eyelashes, steam the face, and is 100% Organic.


Organic cosmetics: Friendly to health and beauty

Organic Shop grape seed essential oil

Natura Siberica

Nature Siberica cosmetics meet European standards, have all prestigious certificates such as Cosmos, CONCERT, BDIH, ICEA, STANDARD  with popular products such as pressed powder, Nothern soap, Vivid Vitamins multi-purpose skin care for children.


Organic cosmetics: Friendly to health and beauty

Natura Siberica pressed powder

Northern Natura Siberica Soap

Vivid Vitamins Natura Siberica

Misconceptions about organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are very expensive?

Because the organic ingredients are high and must undergo rigorous testing, in fact, many products labeled organic contain up to 90% water, 10% other chemicals.

Are organic cosmetics hypoallergenic?

Actually yes, if our constitution is not suitable, some people are allergic to gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley and other grains), if you show signs of gluten allergy,

Natural cosmetics are organic cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are derived from nature.

Organic cosmetics are derived from nature and meet Organic inspection standards (no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or growth drugs) and are a further development step of natural cosmetics.

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