Perfume – the invisible, voiceless colored water – but is solemnly regarded as the final piece of jewelry to complete any outfit.

Since Coco Chanel stepped into the field of scent preparation until now, most of the most popular perfume bottles on the market come from famous fashion brands: from classics like Dior, to popular budgets.

Those shimmering bottles with noble and beautiful names are the reflection in the mirror of classic fashion items: there are seasons, there are picky people, there are collections, there are limited editions, there are `branded` goods.

Les Senteurs was born in 1984, making it London’s oldest independent perfumer

Anyone can become Vera Wang or Tom Ford with just one spray.

So what is the difference between the likes of Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Issey Miyake versus Les Senteurs, Comme des Garçons, or Creed?

Perfume – Designer or Niche?

Creed boutique on Madison Avenue, New York

The great symphony of aromas and ingredients grows from the glass cage

Perfume is the first gate that invites the entire population into the paradise of big brands.

In fact, Armani claims 75% of its revenue comes from perfume.

Perfume – Designer or Niche?

Comme des Garçons: neither fashion nor perfume is for the masses.

Smell lines from popular brands are often easy to use and trendy.

The widespread landing of big-name brands on shimmering glass shelves of scents makes the whole world smell better and even the most ordinary women can treat themselves to a little luxury pampering.

Perfume – Designer or Niche?

Profumum Acqua di Sale: the scent of the ocean.