Split ends are a condition in which the hair splits into many different strands and the hair breaks easily.

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There are many reasons why hair has split ends, the most common are: Environmental pollution, hair drying with a hair dryer, hot weather, use of chemicals…┬áSome people┬áthink that just cutting their hair will solve the problem.

Limit the use of heat on your hair such as drying and curling

Limit the use of chemicals such as dyeing, curling, and styling

Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair

Eat properly to have healthy hair from the inside

Drink a lot of water

Use specialized conditioner regularly

Choose a comb with large and widely spaced teeth to comb your hair

Next, ELLE will give you some tips on how to prepare hair masks.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has always been considered a miracle drug in beauty, especially in hair care.

Pocket some methods to `rescue` split ends

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2. Avocado oil

First, you mix a mixture of butter and eggs.

Pocket some methods to `rescue` split ends

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3. Fish oil

Ingredients such as Omega 3 and 6 found in fish oil are considered `heroes` in treating split ends.

Pocket some methods to `rescue` split ends

Photo: Byrdie

Pocket some methods to `rescue` split ends

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4. Honey and olive oil

Honey and olive oil are ideal substances to help make hair smoother and more bouncy.

Pocket some methods to `rescue` split ends

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