Alchemy is the art of wisdom.

The power of a symbol in alchemy

It’s no secret that a symbol fossilizes and hides the power within it.


Purpose of the test

Have you ever wondered why you always choose specific symbols to wear like a necklace or symbols you want to stay with you forever like a tattoo for example?

Let your soul choose a symbol it desires by:

Look at the picture

Don’t let your brain think.

Choose an icon as per your heart’s desire.

[Quiz] Alchemical symbols reveal what your soul is longing for

(Photo: The minds journal)

Lion – Represents the Sun and your desire to control your destiny

Problem: If you choose a lion, you may have to break away from what you’ve built.

Liberation: Is your current life bothering you too much?

Advice for you: Be assured with your choices because you made them yourself.

Hourglass – Symbol of inevitability, the circle of time

Problem: If you choose the hourglass, you may be feeling stuck for time.

Liberation: Aging is also a part of life and death.

Advice for you: Try to make the best decision now.

[Quiz] Alchemical symbols reveal what your soul is longing for


Moon – Related to emotions and hidden truths

Problem: If you choose the Moon, your heart is a battlefield.

Liberation: Your spirit needs to find peace and the best way to achieve it is to bring your hidden emotions into the light, acknowledging their existence.

Advice for you: Learn how to express your emotions, suppress negative emotions that have the potential to negatively affect you.

[Quiz] Alchemical symbols reveal what your soul is longing for


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Key – Connected to your perception of life

Problem: If you choose the key, your Spirit is desperate and needs answers.

Liberation: Now is the time for truth to shine.

Advice for you: Find a way to travel.

[Quiz] Alchemical symbols reveal what your soul is longing for


Hamsa Hand – Related to protection from Evil

Problem: If you choose Hamsa Hand then you are probably being targeted by magic.

Liberation: Hamsa Hand tells you that the answer to liberation from dark times lies in your own hands.

Advice for you: Find time to relax and replenish your energy.

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