Quiz to choose a perfume that suits your personality

1. Summer is great because you can:

a) Wear summer clothes like linen, wide-brimmed hats, maxi dresses, etc.

b) Wear classic outfits: silk dresses, vintage dresses,… as you like

c) Buy a whole suitcase of branded summer clothes: Tomas Maier, Pucci, Chloé,…

d) Show off your toned body and healthy skin by wearing shorts and t-shirts.

2. Your current favorite makeup trend is:

a) Classic: white face and thick eyebrows.

b) Impressive: dark, smoky or blue eye makeup.

c) Seductive: red lipstick lips and meticulously made-up face.

d) Natural: bare face and apply lots of sunscreen.

3. When preparing to go out, you will:

a) Dress and makeup the same as usual, in a familiar style.

b) Wondering a bit: What style should I wear?

c) An hour-long process: meticulously choosing outfits, meticulously applying makeup.

d) Just choose a suitable pair of shoes to go out.

4. How do you like to relax after a hard day’s work?

a) Have a few cocktails at a nice bar.

b) Visit an art exhibition.

c) Get a manicure and paint your toenails bright red.

d) Go play volleyball or go to the gym.

5. Pets you love:

a) Cat

b) Birds

c) Ornamental fish

d) Dog

6. What do you usually do with your hair?

a) Maintain a specific style (For example: always have a short haircut or always have curls)

b) Change your hairstyle or hair color every few months.

c) Blow-dry, curl every morning and go to the hairdresser weekly.

d) Tie your hair into a ponytail for a quick and simple look.

7. What color do you usually paint your nails:

a) Paint the tips of your nails white

b) Coral or purple color

c) Bright red color

d) No paint at all

8. Your dream job:

a) Chairman of a giant corporation

b) Owner of a bar

c) Supermodel

d) Olympic athlete

9. The best way for you to calm down before going to a job interview is:

a) Apply your favorite lipstick color.

b) Listen to music.

c) Soak in an essential oil bath.

d) Exercise.

10. You dream of traveling:

a) Italy

b) India

c) America

d) South Africa

11. You have a few hours to spare before a hot date, you will:

a) Get a manicure, pedicure and wax.

b) Watch romantic movies or art pictures to get inspiration.

c) Go shopping for sexy lingerie.

d) Go jogging or do yoga to lift your spirits.

12. Your favorite model is:

a) Cindy Crawford

b) Cara Delevingne

c) Kate Moss

d) Gisele Bundchen

13. When single, how do you find a date?

a) Invite friends to organize outings with potential single guys.

b) Go to online dating websites to find people who share the same interests and opinions as you.

c) Sign up for a dance class, maybe you’ll meet a handsome guy.

d) Join a marathon club, hoping to meet strong, active guys.

14. The compliment you most often receive from your boss is:

a) You have a professional demeanor!

b) You are very creative!

c) You know how to impress!

d) You are so energetic and enthusiastic!

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