FOREO BEAR Mint color version launched at the end of 2020.


FOREO BEAR face lift massage machine from Sweden with 2 `ears` like adorable bear ears, but actually the bear ears are the part that helps spread the microcurrent, which is FDA certified to be safe with the waves.

Miniature spa within reach

Microcurrent technology is a skin care treatment that has created a buzz in the beauty world in recent years.

Rejuvenate skin with Microcurrent technology from FOREO BEAR

FOREO BEAR fashionable mint color and FOREO Serum serum serum are an indispensable duo in the daily skin care routine.

FOREO BEAR contains 5 different electric pulse modes suitable for each skin type.

There is scientific research showing clear results after 1-2 months of regular use of BEAR.

Rejuvenate skin with Microcurrent technology from FOREO BEAR

Images before and after using FOREO BEAR in your daily skin care routine.

Rejuvenate skin with Microcurrent technology from FOREO BEAR

After 1 – 2 months of facial massage with BEAR, wrinkles fade, facial muscles become firm and skin becomes healthier and more elastic.

Currently, BEAR is the ONLY at-home microcurrent product with an integrated anti-shock system, which uses smart sensors to measure the skin’s compatibility with electric current.

Yoga for the face

BEAR is intelligently designed with expert exercises specifically for the face.

Rejuvenate skin with Microcurrent technology from FOREO BEAR

3 exercises from FOREO BEAR App.

Actual Results: Elle Vietnam Editor’s Experience

“After 1 week of using BEAR every night with the serum that comes with Serum Serum, which is a water-based moisturizing mixture of squalane and HA, I feel like my face is slimmer in the cheekbones and jawbone.

To compare with other body-lifting massage machines, the highlight is the power of FOREO BEAR when only a 2-minute treatment process brings visible results thanks to the electric pulse of 1,269 mW and 63.6 Volts, frequency of 185 Hz, size

Beauty Blogger Girl’s Secret also shared about the effectiveness of BEAR in her video review:

“When I carefully compared the before and after pictures of using BEAR, I saw that the mustache had faded somewhat, but in just 13 days of use.

Rejuvenate skin with Microcurrent technology from FOREO BEAR

Beauty Blogger Girl’s Secret and actual images after 13 days of facial massage with FOREO BEAR.

FOREO BEAR: Worth the investment, a perfect alternative to spas for skin rejuvenation

FOREO BEAR is a handheld facial massage device that combines Anti-Shock System™ shock sensor and T-Sonic™ massage to help you have firm facial muscles and youthful, plump skin.

With the above advantages, a smart and convenient beauty device like FOREO BEAR is a worthy investment for smart beauty enthusiasts.

Note, BEAR uses Microcurrent technology so it is necessary to use the serum as a conductor, so FOREO recommends that you use FOREO SERUM SERUM SERUM or any water-based serum you trust.