The secret to being healthy and beautiful

6 things to remember about basic skin care

If you are a student, new to work, or simply haven’t had the habit of `putting on lipstick` for a long time, consider this a tiny guide.

Skin care: 3 basic steps: face wash – toner – moisturizer.

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Sun protection: Biore bought at the supermarket seems to cost 90,000 VND but it is very good at sun protection, not greasy.

After enough skin care and sun protection, let’s move on to the main part – Basic makeup of the basic

Lipstick: I strongly oppose girls going out without lipstick.

Lip gloss: Sometimes you only need a little lip gloss if you want a light, natural makeup look.

Trends and Inspiration

ELLE Beauty Calendar: personalized makeup suggestions when wearing Blazer + Bermuda shorts (August 14-August 20)

Blush: If you don’t have anything, you can’t lack blush.

Foundation: I think every girl should have 1 tube of BB cream for the day and 1 tube of foundation for the night when you need elaborate makeup.

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

Things to keep in mind when choosing the best mascara for your eyelash type

Mascara and eyeliner: With Asian eyes, a little eyeliner will make all the difference.

Eyeshadow: You can never go wrong with neutral colors: skin, beige, sand, dark brown.

That’s it, 4 skin care items and 6 basic makeup items for a beautiful, radiant girl to step out to greet a new day.