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1. Show off

My friend, a few years ago when she was not married, told me a very honest sentence: In the future, if I have a child, if you see me posting too many pictures of my child on Facebook, please remember to stop me.

Around the same time, another unmarried friend, in an afternoon tea chat, said a similar thing: Why do I hate those people who show off their children’s photos online so much!

A few years later, they got married and had their eldest child.

“Too much work, I only get home at 2am.

“Great happiness when I always have you by my side.

Showing off is how we make ourselves happy, but at the same time make others feel unhappy.

2. Coal

In contrast to the role model who often shows off, life is always so rosy that it makes others feel frustrated because she seems so bland and ugly. Being the role model who often complains, also makes others feel frustrated because she has to continue.

In mild cases, people complain about boredom and fatigue, in more severe cases, they complain about life and difficult work, and the most severe cases are probably complaints about institutions and policies.

The appeal of complaining is that you can relieve stress.

Social networks – How much sharing is enough?

Habit of complaining on social networks

3. Interaction

Since the advent of social networks (which are now often simply called `networks`), the term `interaction` has become more commonly used.

Interaction helps social networks survive, helps sharing to have a living place and maintain the network long term.

This habit makes us lose focus on what we are actually doing, fall into useless arguments, and absorb negative energy.


When I received the question `How much is enough to share online`, I kept thinking for a concise answer but there was none.

But the line between `a little` or `more than a little` is difficult to determine.

People often say that the network is virtual.

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