Sustainable fashion is not just for those with a lot of money, those who can afford luxury items are invested in many aspects.

Most products from sustainable fashion brands are very expensive.

Stella McCartney’s designs pioneered sustainable fashion trends but still cannot reach the majority of consumers because of high costs.

Even sustainable fashion brands that are considered not so luxury sell products at prices that are far beyond the means of most consumers.

Similarly, the Birdsong brand in the UK also focuses on investing in workers in its manufacturing plants.

According to financial expert Pete Dunn, consumers tend to spend up to about 5% of their salary on fashion items, especially clothing.

Sustainable fashion isn't just for the rich!

Consumers with average incomes can only afford products from popular brands.

On the other hand, the pressure to stop consuming `instant` fashion is very difficult when this industry can bring billions of dollars to CEOs, money that can be used to produce other products.

Sustainable fashion isn't just for the rich!

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Although fast fashion has many obvious negative impacts on the environment, many people are forgetting that high-end fashion has similar effects.

Sustainable fashion isn't just for the rich!

The huge profits generated by the `fast fashion` industry can open up investment opportunities to produce sustainable fashion items at lower prices for consumers.

“In the luxury fashion market, jewelry, cashmere, leather materials are all harmful to the environment,” said Orsola de Castro, co-founder and creative director of Fashion Revolution.

At the same time, in terms of transparency in fashion from supply chains, worker wages to waste, affordable fashion retailers outperform most designer brands.

Sustainable fashion isn't just for the rich!

Affordable brands are making many efforts in building sustainable fashion brands.

Progress in building the sustainability of affordable fashion businesses is slow, but related activism is becoming more common.

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