Basically, we have three well-known psychological layers: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious.

The conscious part is everything that you are aware of at any given time.

The subconscious part is the intermediary between the conscious and the unconscious in your psychology.

The unconscious is a completely new world.

However, there are still ways to glimpse this mysterious layer of the unconscious.

For best results, answer intuitively and honestly without thinking too much


You can note down the answers to the questions in this ancient Tibet test on a piece of paper, in case you don’t remember your answers.

Question 1: Use your imagination and now you have five animals in front of you

You see tigers, cows, sheep, pigs and horses. Put them in any order you like.

Question 2: End each sentence below with an adjective for each noun

The dog is ____.

The cat is ____.

The mouse is ____.

Coffee is ___.

The sea is ___.

Question 3: Think about five important people in your life

Then, choose a suitable color for each person from the colors given below.






The ancient Tibetan test will reveal your hidden nature


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So, what does all of the above mean to you?

Question 1: How do you choose priorities in your life

Cow – Career

Tiger – Self-worth

Sheep – Love

Horse – Family

Pig – Money

Question 2: Your attitude towards life

Dog – Your own personality.

Cat – Personality of friends and close partners.

Rat – Personality of the enemy.

Coffee – Your views on sex.

Sea – Your overall life.

Question 3: Your attitude towards the people around you

Yellow – A person who has a great influence on your life outlook.

Orange – The person you can trust absolutely to confide all your thoughts and concerns.

Red – The person you love with all the enthusiasm and passion of youth.

White – Someone who is always present in you with a kind and merciful image.

Green – A friend you can never forget.

Hopefully, through the small questions in this Tibet test, you can understand a little more about your own life.

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